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Remote Learning - Parent Feedback

 Please find below a selection of comments from our parents:

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you and well done on the success of the online learning provided by the school/teachers so far.

From our experience. It's been made so much more easier to do and the well thought lessons and tasks for the children are so much more productive and in turn create more interest in doing them.

MK has really enjoyed the morning meeting with the teachers and likes the interaction with both her class friends and teachers. 

For myself, it has been less stressful and eased the pressures from what is already a very challenging time!

So again, Thank you!

 Year 4 parent


 Thank you for all your hard work this week everyone at Tidbury Green! We’ve been thrown into the deep end again and we really appreciate everything you have done to ensure our kids have content to work through, face to face contact and feedback every day. Thank you!”

Year 3 and 4 parent 


 Thanks for getting everything up and running so quickly. We appreciate all you are doing.

 Year 4 parent


 The set up you have created has been fantastic. Work is clear, organised and engaging. On the day feedback is amazing and helps to motivate V for the next day. She is also very excited for her morning meetings. This is a brilliant way to safeguard students. Thank you and well done.

 Year 3 parent 


Thank you so much again and a huge thankyou to you all at TG, who continue to support us during these times, alongside providing home schooling activities and wonderful daily feedback.



 Thank you both for everything this week. B has really enjoyed listening to his feedback from Mr Wedgbury, it makes all the difference being so personal, thank you. He has also enjoyed the registration. You are so positive at 9am, Miss Murphy.

 Year 1 parent


 Thank you for the support. The work is easier to navigate through this time around. The face to face this morning made a real difference. G in particular was excited to get going. Thanks again.

 Year 2 parent


 I wanted to recognise how hard all of the staff at Tidbury Green are working at such a difficult time. It was a shock to hear that both A and A would be out of school due to isolation but the work provided on Teams and the speed at which it was uploaded has been fantastic. I cannot thank both teachers enough. I thank Mr Green especially as despite having to teach the remainder of his class he has gone out of his way to upload lessons and resources especially for A.

 The way in which it was communicated despite being a weekend was brilliant. I cannot thank you all enough for the organisation and planning that has gone into supporting all the children at such a tricky time. I hope you all keep safe.

 Year 4 and 6 parent


 I just wanted to drop a note to truly thank everybody involved in such a smooth transition to remote learning! All the work so far has been well set out, clear and most importantly fun for G! 

 F is actually able to return as he is penguins but we’ve decided with my husband still at work, we will keep the risk as minimal as possible to everybody, especially staff, by keeping him home. He has sat with me today and smiled from ear to ear watching Mrs Lynch’s lessons! He found it fascinating that it was on the iPad. We have plenty of things too keep him busy so for now, we will keep him home. Again, this is purely to minimise numbers for school and not a reflection at all on how much he enjoys Penguins.

 The lovely touch of the registration video call has been such a boost for G. It makes everything feel so much more normal! She has just logged back on now to hand in today’s work and noticed a personalised reply about her previous work. It really has finished off her day perfectly. Whilst this doesn’t sound a lot, it’s honestly so appreciated. 

 And finally, the communication as of late has been above and beyond. All relevant and clearly thought out. We really do hope to see you soon, but in the meantime please give everybody a pat on the back for showing what a caring community of staff you have.

 Mr and Mrs G