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Our Curriculum

Our Intent

 At Tidbury Green School, we THINK…

"Learning happens when people have to think hard."       Prof. Robert Coe - Durham University

At Tidbury Green School, we have a simple pedagogy and theory for learning, where thinkers are fostered. Our curriculum is designed with cohesion, cognitive load and the progressive learning of skills and knowledge at the forefront.

There is a strong, sequential curriculum for pupils planned where language and vocabulary development and learning to read are both essential for all pupils and key to our curriculum success. Our Early Years curriculum vision is to provide teaching and learning for pupils that ‘floats on a sea of talk’. Our research and pedagogical theory results in all children getting learning off to a strong start by increasing their language and vocabulary development through the intentional ambitious curriculum design that ensures all children are ‘bumping into words’ that takes their learning further.

There is a compelling and infectious reading culture at Tidbury Green School as a result of our belief and goal for all children that ‘once you can read, you will be forever free’. Through our fidelity to our reading and phonics scheme we are relentless in our commitment for all children to learn to read. We have adopted a ‘keep up’ approach to learning to read that is embedded as the school’s reading culture so that every Tidbury Green child can access and unlock the joy and freedom of learning beyond the early stages of reading towards reading fluency.

From these excellent beginnings, curious thinkers and confident learners are given the wings to fly and deeply enjoy the rich, progressive and cohesive subject specific curriculum we have planned for them. We have thought carefully about how our children’s learning is committed to their memory and have refined the curriculum to reflect this. Our curriculum aims are for pupils to progressively build skills and knowledge that builds upon their prior knowledge. Our curriculum ensures that children learn, practice and repeat key concepts and ideas so that they feel increasingly confident, competent and fluent in their understanding. We feel that this approach ensures our children are acquiring the necessary concepts, understanding, accuracy of knowledge and meaningful application of skills for them to be successful within school and the wider world.

Our aim for all pupils is that our fundamental and simple pedagogy for learning and the development of the whole child through our Tidbury Green THINK values stays with them as they become young people who are resilient, independent, kind and confident team players. We believe this provides exceptional readiness for the next stage of their learning and ensures pupils are valued for their interpersonal and educational contribution to society in the wider world beyond the school gates. 

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum has been carefully crafted to allow our children to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. You can read more about it in our curriculum document below. 

 For more detailed information about our curriculum in each year group, please go to your child's class page.

Core Subjects at Tidbury Green

For the foundation subjects of the National Curriculum, you will find your child's learning journey during their time at Tidbury Green below.

ArtGeography English



LanguagesPE Science

For further information on our R.H.S.E curriculum 'Changing Me', including what is taught when, please read THIS document.