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Parent feedback

Please find below a selection of comments from our parents:


Hi there, 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the support your teachers are providing for our children Grace & Jude. 

They love coming to school and we have been so impressed by all of Grace & Jude’s teachers. It was so lovely coming to speak to them last night. Miss Edwards is a wonderful teacher, as is Miss Powell and I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks as we are lucky that our children have places at such a wonderful school. They are thriving in the environment at Tidbury. 

Best wishes, 




We attended the Young Voices performance yesterday evening and were overwhelmed. A fantastic accomplishment for all the children, volunteers and teaching staff involved.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and so did all the parents – especially the 90’s classics. We were not expecting to relive our younger days.:-)

Id like to take this opportunity to praise your efforts. Preparation for the event itself, supporting all the kids, looking after them throughout the day and getting them home safe and sound in such an organised manner. Absolutely brilliant. 

You created a memory I am sure the children and parents will never forget. 

Kindest Regards,

Year 3 Parent



 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Tidbury Green, I have thanked my daughters BE and SE‘s teachers personally but I also wanted to acknowledge the rest of the staff for their dedication throughout this year and especially since the start of term.
In particular Mrs Fitter who had a huge job starting as a new Head in these difficult times and has done an incredible job.
I am amazed at how well the school has worked together in keeping the children safe, happy and settled.
So well done and a huge thank you.
We appreciate the effort by all.

 Mr and Mrs E, parent


 Thanks so much for this. The letter to parents was very reassuring and much appreciated. I am genuinely so proud of the way Tidbury Green School has handled this very tricky situation. S is SO excited about coming back to school. This is testament to how safe and happy he feels at TGS, so thank you.

Parent Governor


Thank you for keeping us up to date. Tidbury Green School has done such a good job under difficult circumstances.



 Thank you for the prompt communication, sensible plans and fortitude during this difficult time. The TGS team is truly fantastic.

 Year Reception and Year 4 parent


Well done Tidbury Green, you are all stars!

Community Governor 


 Just another reason to love Tidbury Green School, well done to all for making it wonderful!



I think the system you have in place is fantastic! I really appreciate you doing this for us, but I would hate to be adding any more pressure to your team at this time (or any time). It was lovely to hear from you, Thank you again.

 Year 3 parent


Hello Tidbury Green! Alfie, Ava and Nellie have LOVED hearing from and seeing lots of pictures of their teachers today – it was a lovely touch! We hope you’re all keeping safe. Thank you so much for all of the work and fabulous things such as the video, radio and now newsletters that you’ve been sending through despite looking after keyworker children. We cannot praise you guys enough. See you soon!


We chose Tidbury Green School all those years ago because it felt like such a caring and kind place to be, and that is still the case now. All of the teachers and staff seem to share this ethos and it's obvious it rubs off on the children.

 I feel quite sad that this will be our last year at Tidbury, wish we could start all over again!

 Anyway, thanks again for all the support and encouragement and all the hard work you all put in, not just to provide an education but in teaching the children kindness and compassion and all those other important values. It doesn't go unnoticed!


We couldn’t be happier with the foundation unit. My child has come on leaps and bounds and the teachers are exceptional.


The support and understanding that has been afforded to my child has been amazing. Thank you all so very much, Miss Wright has been wonderful.


Regardless of who we come into contact with within the school, whether that is the office staff, teaching or support staff, it is always apparent how welcoming, friendly and approachable everyone is.


I am delighted that Tidbury Green School provides such a balanced curriculum.


When I saw you yesterday I got quite overwhelmed when I saw how genuinely happy you were about F's behaviour and improvement.

 I just want to thank you because since he started school I have noticed an improvement in behaviour. It makes me so happy to see that he finally has a reliable role model to look up to and watching him hug you this morning nearly made me cry.

 I know you are a teacher but to F you are so much more and I just want to thank you for the influence and impact you have had on him in the first 3 weeks. He talks about you with such positivity and tells me you’re his best friend and he thrives when he tells me about the praise you give him. 

I was really worried about him starting school but I can’t imagine him being better placed. So from both of us, I want you to know how grateful we are for your understanding and effort. It's teachers like you that kids and parents will remember.”

 Reception Parent 


Communication via text and email are excellent. 


My child has improved so much since starting Nursery and his teachers have made a massive improvement in his learning and behaviour without dulling his sparkle and personality. Thank you! 


Found the phonics workshops very helpful. It is great Miss Wright has such an open door policy to chat to her. There is a very good community feel in the school and a desire for children to succeed. Children always seem polite and confident.


My child really loves coming to school and has really blossomed over the last 8 months and believe this is down to Mrs Lynch and her team.


My child has had a great start to school! I would like to mention how lovely all the staff are in Foundation and how they have made this process very relaxed for both me and my child (something I was very nervous about).


A big thank you to Miss Wright, my child loves being in her class, she has done so much to motivate and encourage him this year.


We cannot be more appreciative of the efforts of the Foundation team in particular, in helping our daughter settle into a Nursery setting and in contributing to her development and progress. We are extremely pleased that she will be continuing into Reception at Tidbury Green as we are confident she will be in a safe and supportive environment.