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Data Protection

Data Protection

Tidbury Green School are registered as Data Controllers with the Information Commissioners Office: https://ico.org.uk/


What data do we collect and store

  • Names and contact details of pupils and families given to us by the parent/carer
  • Gender, place, date of birth and any relevant medical information
  • Special Educational Needs, and or Disability information
  • Ethnic group, religion and dietary requirements
  • School history, Exclusions and school attendance
  • Assessment results


For a more comprehensive list of the information held by schools, please see the Department for Education (DfE) Common Basic Data here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/common-basic-data-set-cbds-database


Why do we collect and store this information

  • To Safeguard our pupils
  • To support the pupils' learning and ensure we are meeting their needs
  • To report on our attendance levels and results


Who do we share the data with

  • We are required to share information about pupils with other schools, Local Authorities, Social Services, DFE. (All of these establishments will have their own Fair Processing Notice and be registered with the Information Commissioners Office).
  • Optimum Reports Limited; we assess our pupils by using an external system called ‘Otrack’. The information we send to Optimum Reports Ltd include name, date of birth, gender, SEN Status, Pupil Premium Status, Ethnicity.
  • Nationwide Retails Systems; we use the Parentpay system to record what school meals are taken. The information we send to Nationwide Retails Systems includes: Photograph, name, date of birth, gender, FSM Allowance, Ethnicity, School House Group, Year Group and UPN number.
  • Micro Librarian Systems; we use this library system to register our school library books and pupil data to create personal library cards. The information we send to MLS includes: first name and first 2 initials of surname and year group


How long do we keep information

  • Either until it is updated/superseded or until the pupil leaves.
  • If we are the pupil’s last known school we will retain the information until the pupil is at least 25 years old (this ties in with the Limitation Act 1980).


What are your rights as a parent/carer/pupil

  • When you give us personal information (via the Data Collection Sheet sent to parents/carers) you are giving us your consent to process your data.
  • You may withdraw consent at any time
  • You may request to see what data we hold at any time


If you are not happy with the content of our Fair Processions Notices, or you wish to complain about how we have processed your personal data, please contact Mrs R Fitter, Headteacher at the school's address.

If you are not satisfied with our response, please complain to the Information Commissioner Office via: https://ico.org.uk/concerns/



Privacy Notice 

Fair Processing Notice - 2Simple

Fair Processing Notice - Myconcern

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