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Maths Zone 

At Tidbury Green, we are Maths crazy!




We recognise that maths is a part of our daily life and is useful in so many jobs (e.g. a computer games designer, an architect or an astronaut!). The way we calculate in school today may be different to the strategies and methods you were taught so here are the mental strategies and written methods used by each class so that you can support your child at home:

Year 1 Written Methods and Year 1 Mental Strategies

Year 2 Written Methods and Year 2 Mental Strategies

Year 3 Written Methods and Year 3 Mental Strategies

Year 4 Written Methods and Year 4 Mental Strategies

Year 5 Written Methods and Year 5 Mental Strategies

Year 6 Written Methods and Year 6 Mental Strategies

Mathematical Vocabulary - Here are some key words to use when talking about different mathematical symbols.


Here are some useful websites to help us with our Maths, just click on the links below.

www.mathletics.com – all our KS1 and 2 children have their own username and password to access this brilliant website!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zjxhfg8 - these Bitesize pages provide revision tips and support for those children in Years 2 and 6 sitting their SATS!

https://www.mathsisfun.com/ - a great website at explaining concepts to children and providing activities to develop their learning further.



http://www.primarygames.com/math.php - these sites provide games and puzzles!


Tidbury Green's Guide to using Mathletics  - click the title to download your guide to using Mathletics at home; if you have any questions, please see your child's class teacher or Mr Griffiths!


Maths Day 

Take a look at the slideshow showing what we got up to during Maths Day - it was fantastic to hear how much our pupils enjoyed the day! As well as the fun activities going on in individual classes, Reception – Year 6 pupils had a great time in their workshops too. Reception – Year 4 managed to get Captain Morgan back to his ship using their maths and it was brilliant seeing the excellent teamwork amongst all our pupils. Meanwhile Years 5 and 6 managed to uncover the culprit behind the attempted murder of Michaela Maths using their knowledge of data, measuring and their number facts – well done to everyone!