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At Tidbury Green we followed the Letters and Sounds scheme of work for teaching phonics from Nursery to Year 2.  The phonic sessions are supplemented with aspects of both Jolly Phonics and RWI (Read, Write, Inc).


Useful links

Jolly Phonics Parents Guide (LINK to PDF)

http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/what-is-letters-and-sounds-.html - has a range of free resources linked to the different phases of phonics taught.

https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/welcome-back/for-home/reading-owl/advice-for-parents/reading-at-home/phonics-made-easy# - a resourceful website to support parents with phonics and reading at home.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/grownups/the-alphablocks-guide-to-phonics - a useful website using the Alphablocks TV programme on CBeebies.



At Tidbury Green we follow the No Nonsense scheme of work for as a spelling pathway for Years 2- 6.  It focuses on teaching strategies to support spelling and includes the statutory spelling words for year groups 3-6. The Complex Speed Sounds chart is also used to support children in recognising their phonic sounds and common spelling patterns to aid accurate spelling.

Please click  on the links below:

No Nonsense Spelling Pathway

Complex Speed Sounds Chart

Years 3-4 Statutory Spelling Words

Years 5-6 Statutory Spelling Words



The Oxford Reading Tree is the reading scheme used at Tidbury Green. The ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ learning across the curriculum, their ability to be independent and their future life choices.   At Tidbury Green School we share a real passion for reading and a love of books. As educators we know that the development of reading skills is crucial to the progress that children make and we are intent in supporting the children to become confident and effective readers and lifelong learners.



Our vibrant, well-stocked library offers children access to a range of both Fiction and Non-Fiction books with a range of genres.  The pupils are encouraged to select books to read for enjoyment and share with family members and siblings. See below for an informative guide showing how you can support your child at home.


Reading Guidance for Parents Year 1

Reading Guidance for Parents Year 2

Reading Guidance for Parents Year 3

Reading Guidance for Parents Year 4

Reading Guidance for Parents Year 5

Reading Guidance for Parents Year 6


Really Broad Reading Awards

Year 5 and 6 are encouraged to read a range of genres through their participation in the ‘Really Broad Reading Awards.’ These are a series of nine reading awards which celebrate and encourage a breadth of reading in Solihull schools. Tidbury Green School believe it is important that a passion for all types of reading should be valued equally, and that a sense of achievement in one area of reading is the best way of moving on to new areas. Children are interviewed about the books they have chosen from a particular genre in order to gain a certificate and badge in the prose, reference, poetry, diaries and biographies, plays or sport categories.


Useful links:-

http://www.readwritethink.org/parent-afterschool-resources/tips-howtos/help-child-choose-book-30320.html - An informative guide to helping your child choose a book that is both engaging and challenging.

https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/reading-owl/expert-help/choosing-books - This website has some useful links to other websites that will support with your child’s reading choices.

http://www.readingrockets.org/audience/parents - Lots of handy tips about reading!