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Tidbury Green School

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Our Latest School Improvement Plan

Priority 1 - Safeguarding and Safety

Safeguarding - to continue to review, update and implement the Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and procedures.To follow Prevent guidelines and introduce it to our curriculum through the Jigsaw programme.To remind parents about the importance of E-Safety and embed it into the school curriculum.

Mental Health and Well-Being - support staff and pupil's mental health and well being, and continue to use our specialist support agencies when needed as the school moves to 2 form entry.

Safety - continue to review the site safety of the school, install fences to front, sides and with the Local Authority look into constructing a rear entrace for the new housing devleopment at the back of the school. Look at the possiblities of a 'Safe Room' within school to secure all staff and pupils in the event of an emergency. Complete Risk Assessments for the school building.


Priority 2 – Raising standards in Maths, Reading, Writing and Science

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment - monitor subject action plans and action plans for Leadership and Management. Continue to take part in collaborative meetings to share good practice and new initiatives.Review subject planning and continue with book trawls by key stage co-ordinators and SMT, implement team teaching opportunities and ensure governors are utilised tp support subjects via their Link Governor Role.


Priority 3 – Curriculum


Continue to develop the foundation curriculum, and embed the new curriculum making links with outdoor learning. Embed our Jigsaw programmes and our Behaviour Principles and find new ways to 'hook' our pupils interest into subject knowledge. Develop a whole school vision for PE to enhance pupils physical acitivity and link it to other subjects where possible. Use our pupil voice so their opinions are valued in all aspects of our school. Update our ICT provision with Visualisers, Netbooks and Smart-board TV's.

Priority 4 – Attendance

Maintain our Action Plan to improve attendance and lateness, working closely with parents of targeted groups, use the voice of our governors to assist in pupils meeting the targets set to improve. Measure the impact of interventions that have taken place. 


Priority 5 – Parents and Community

Work with our parents and carers to maintain the Tidbury Green ethos and have an active involvement in striving to improve our pupils education. Through the Change Team use the parents voice to contribute to the schools improvement. Continue to develop our community spirit and raise the profile of our new Mother and Toddler group.